Business to business


As your event partner we bring the right skills to deliver maximum business and brand benefits based on your capabilities and goals. We produce a really sharpened concept from the small management team all the way to an international conference for the entire company. We never work with predetermined solutions, but tailors everything to make it suit your company and needs. 

We are involved from start to finish, for the small group to the large company, all over the world at any time of the year. 

How will you make the most out of a fair? We develop the idea, produce the booth and staff it with our impeccable ambassadors so that you can focus on what's most important to you - the meetings with your existing and prospective business partners. 

The Friday beer at the office that needs to be pimped or 100th anniversary that need to be planned to something epically good. 

Sponsor strategy 
Sponsor activation 

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Social media campaign 
Web production
Blog directory 

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