We are confident that our attitude ”everything is possible” really makes a difference. We perform outstanding events for our customers and are passionate about delivering an experience that leaves the visitor with a feeling of magic. 

The unique with Ryska Posten Event, unlike many other agencies, is that we have many key elements in-house. Therefore we´re often able to deliver a more cost-effective solution without compromising the quality of our work. And above all, we´re far more flexible. 

Do you want to expose, launch or reposition your brand? Or bluntly, get a hell of attention from your target group, something that will get people to name their kids after you? Great that you set your sights high! If so, a partnership with us would be a good way to go. Either we enter during the conceptual stage and manage this whole process or we take over the activation and realize your ideas into something epic.

Honestly, there are many talented agencies in this field. But very few can do it with the commitment and burning passion as we do. Regardless of project scope our aim is always that every implementation will lead to there is no doubt about who you want to work with in the future (yes, us ...). This mindset has resulted in long-term relationships with our customers and got everyone involved to go to work with a bigger smile. We make your life easier and more fun! 

Below you can see which areas we work with.

Sponsor strategy 
Sponsor activation 

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Social media campaign 
Web production
Blog directory 

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