Case: The Dry Cleaner Prank - Kund: Electrolux

The Dry Cleaner Prank


Electrolux wanted to draw attention to their new washing machines in their Ultra Care series in a fun and different way. To emphasize the new features, that consumers no longer need to take their clothes to a dry cleaner, we chose to go for a so-called "practical joke". 

We scouted a woman that matched the target group and took a chat with her boyfriend. When Johanna, as her name is, leaves the shirt to be washed at the local dry cleaner the room looks like any other dry cleaner, but when she'll get back one day later to pick up the shirt the venue looks the least bit different.

"I was the demanding customer in a project involving many and tight deadlines. Ryska Posten Event showed not only that they could deliver according to our wishes - but also that they did so with great enthusiasm. I would gladly work with them again."

- Johannes Karlsson, Social Media Manager
Social Media Electrolux EMEA EMEA

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