Case: GUMBALL3000 - Kund: Gumball



One of the sponsors of the annual event Gumball3000, and also a client to Ryska Posten Event, was Social Venture. How could they best activate their sponsorship to optimize their investment, exposure and simultaneously reach the target audience in as many channels as possible? 

We developed a concept where we invited a number of journalists to join the crew on the trip to show them what Gumball3000 really is about. Our thought was that if they get an awesome experience they would be more likely to write about their trip. This would generate more genuine articles and a much greater promotional value for our customer. 

It ended up that we had over 40 journalists on the trip, from the NY Times to Aftonbladet. We were responsible for all the logistics before, during and after the project, and every day we delivered texts, movies and photos to journalists that they then use in their channels.

”Ryska Posten Event did a wonderful job managing all of the logistics and photo and film production for our 2015 sponsorship of the trans-Atlantic Gumball 3000 rally, which went from Stockholm to Las Vegas in 7 days.”

- Anthony Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer
Social Discovery Ventures

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