#MakeupMessenger - marknadsaktivering för Eleven.se



Eleven.se wanted to implement a marketing campaign that allowed them to communicate with their target audience in an innovative way that also would integrate digital as well as physical communication.

Based on the preferences we developed a concept and realized a campaign named #makeupmessenger that both enabled social media and included the physical meeting with customers. Through #makeupmessenger the consumers could get a quick delivery by a bike messenger with a box containing beauty products directly to the place where they were. The only thing the consumers had to do was put up a picture on Instagram. 

In addition to developing the concept, we also managed the entire implementation, including logistics, traffic management and deliveries. 

The campaign received enormous impact on social media with over 900 photos hash tagged with #makeupmessenger after the first weekend.

"Eleven.se has worked with Ryska Posten Event multiple times whereas one of them resulted in one of the most successful social media campaigns we've done. Ryska Posten Event helped us to develop #makeupmessenger, where we had an amazing breakthrough on Instagram. We are already looking for new strong event campaigns to strengthen the Eleven as a brand and sees Ryska Posten Event as a natural marketing partner for the future. " 

- Michael Gegerfeldt, CEO eleven AB

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