Case: Scandic To Go - Kund: Scandic

Scandic To Go


To communicate the major renovations and huge investments that was made, Scandic wanted to reach out to their target audience in a different way. We came up with the perfect concept - Scandic To Go with the objectives to meet consumers where they naturally was located at. Simply put, instead of inviting the consumer to the hotels we took the hotel to the consumers! 

We produced two mobile rooms that could be booked to a place where you would like to spend a hotel night. The rooms had exactly the same characteristics as Scandic's ordinary rooms with tiled bathrooms, shower, TV, and of course breakfast in bed. 

The campaign was supposed to roll over a summer but was so successful that it rolled over two years. During these years we placed the hotel room at locations such as on mountain tops, festivals, home gardens and spectacularly enough in midtown of Manhattan in NYC. 

The concept Scandic To Go has won countless awards all around the world. Here in Sweden it was nominated in six categories in Gyllene Hjulet. 

"Ryska Posten Event has been a strong partner for us in this project since the beginning. We have great confidence in them as a partner now when we cross the Atlantic and takes on a whole new continent." 

- Anna Wirén, Marketing manager, Scandic Sweden

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